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Browse a digital collection of our other publications and special sections such as Arts and Culture, Business Observer, Holiday Gift Guide and more. Source: The Post and Courier Charleston, S. C. Charleston City Council has approved a nearly $1. 9 million plan to build a tunnel under Maybank Highway to protect golfers. Some council members were upset by the cost, but city officials said there's no good alternative for separating golfers and traffic on the busy four lane road that divides Charleston Municipal Golf Course. "We see the tunnel as essential," Mayor Joe Riley said. Nearly $1. 1 million of the project cost will come from the city, in the form of a no interest loan to the golf course. The S. C.

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As personal hygiene is a huge concern right now; the Public Works would like to remind our customers and residents that only flushable items should be flushed down the toilets. Items such as paper towels, napkins, many of the disinfection wipes as well as feminine hygiene products should not be flushed but instead placed into trash containers and disposed of properly. Flushing any of the above listed items can cause backups and other problems in the piping that carries wastes to be treated. These backups can be in the mains or service lines. Plus, at the treatment plants those items can clog the bar screens or damage pumps to the treatment facilities. Monte Vista Financial Preparations for COVID 19The City of Monte Vistas Finance Department will be implementing the following policies that will affect both the citizens of Monte Vista as well as members of staff for the City of Monte Vista.

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Daar kan ook aan partye verduidelik word dat vele litigante wat ontevrede is met die adversatoriese regsproses eerder van alternatiewe geskilbeslegtingsmeganismes gebruik moet maak. 117 Mosten verduidelik dat voorkomende geskilbeslegting n groot hulp in familiereg aangeleenthede kan wees, en veral waar die gesin geherstruktureer is as gevolg van egskeiding en hertrou. 118Verskeie opsies is in plaas van litigasie beskikbaar en dit sluit die volgende in: ouerskapopvoedingsprogramme hierdie programme instruct parents concerning the emotional and legal aspect of divorce, the impact of divorce on children, co parenting arrangements, communication skills, and community resources; ouers word ingelig oor o. a. die behoeftes van kinders, bemiddeling, die voorbereiding van ouerskapplanne, asook gemeenskapsverwysings ouers wat deelgeneem het aan hierdie programme, was meer samewerkend, het n laer graad van konflik ervaar en was ook meer bewus van die behoeftes van hul kinders;119 bemiddeling; vroe neutrale evaluasie; en ouerskapskordinering n regter mag spesifieke besluitnemingsgesag aan n professionele individu met gespesialiseerde kennis delegeer. Die gesinskordineerder bestuur herhaaldelike geskille aangaande beheer sorg en toegang kontak.

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Your basic SGI policy should apply for liability. Visit their website for more information. Step 1: Visit their website, download and sign up through their app for Android or Iphone. Use a friends referral code or help support our site by using ours: g4j6h654ue. You can also click on this link. An insulated bag is not mandatory for UberEats drivers but it sure does help. You can buy one from their supplier for approximately $11. 25 including shipping. It is important to note, some restaurants may not allow you to pickup an order without a bag, particularly when delivering pizzas. Either way, the cost is pretty low. If you are a cyclist, the cost is around $40.

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And here below; a series of three from one image showing two bowed vihuela, from Valencia or Majorca c. 1500, of the same size and particulars as the above plucked instrument. Below; vihuela de arco, five string, series of three details from a late 15th century fresco attributed to the Oslo Master, Aragon, Spain. and again below; one of the viola da gambas from the anon fresco, anon, Ferrara Italy, c. 1503, compared to the Borgia Apts plucked Viola. Below: another plucked viola sine arculo, vihuela/viola, c. 1520, Girolamo Libri, Madonna enthroned with Angels and Saints, Altarpiece, detail. Detail below: Nicolo Pisano plucked Viola/Vihuela, c. 1512So lets look closely at this. This guitar has six or seven SINGLE strings, not doubled courses like a lute. The point to recognize here is that a player of a six single string violin shaped guitar with C holes, will then pick up his or her six single string bowed instrument of the identical pattern.

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