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In a back room of CHSs library is a room full of clothes, shoes, personal hygiene items and blankets. Its the CHS Giving Closet. Jazz Fest 2018 kicked off on February 1 with students from Colville Junior High School performing at the Colville Senior Citizens Ball. The students were later joined by CHS students. The Washington State University WSU Jazz Band finished off the night. The first annual Colville High School Tech Expo was held at the high school from 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. on Saturday, October 28 in the gymnasium of Colville High School. The Colville School Board passed a controversial nondiscrimination and privacy policy 4 0 on Oct.

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There is a phone for local calls only provided for student use in the Student Business Office on the second floor, Room 2001, and the Student Lounge, Room 2281, of 801 North Rutledge. Telephones in faculty and staff offices and in open reception areas are not to be used unless permission has been granted by the individual to whom the phone is assigned. Computers are available in the Student Lounge 1 and the Student Business Office 6, Education and Curriculum Computer Assessment and Instruction Laboratory 801/3, Room 3060J 21 computers and 1 printer. Computers are also available in the clerkship locations Internal Medicine 2, Surgery 2, Peds 2, Psych 2, and Neuro 1. The following software is available on the above computers: Microsoft Office 2013, Adobe Reader, CCX Practice Case, etc. Study areas for all students are located in the Student Business Office 801/2201, Student Lounge 801/2281, and Student Computer Lab 801/3060J. In addition, Year 2 students can also use their tutor rooms 801/2209 2340 for studying, and space is provided at all clerkship locations for Year 3 student. Locker assignments are made in the Office of Student Affairs. The lockers for year two students are located in the second floor southwest corridor. Students must provide their own locks and are responsible for clearing them out at the end of year two. St.

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