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m/m/Hey Astro Bob, wow you are really doing your part. I tried to take photo of the conjuction for 2 days and no success, damn cold but not 40C , damn roofs, lol, and my poor little guy Matthew been running a fever for three days now so been busy all night long. Bob the hardest part to take photos in the city is that you have to be fast. Just being in the subdivition, one minute I was setting up the camera, I actually got my tripod out, and the next minute everything moved, lol. I lost my Venus first behind the roof and then the moon. Thanks for the info on the paint.

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Is there a dominant strategy for Godrickporter and, if so, what is it?Explain. b. Is there a dominant strategy for Star Connections and, if so, what is it?Explain. c. Let's suppose the game starts with each firm adhering to its original budget so that Godrickporter earns a profit of $6000 and Star Connections earns a profit of $12 000. Is there an incentive for any one firm to increase its advertising budget?Explain.

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Now though we're asking you to partner up in paying for our reporters and photographers who report this news. It had to happen, right?On the plus side, we're giving you a simple way, and a better reason, to join in. We're now a non profit Growing Community Media so your donation is tax deductible. And signing up for a monthly donation, or making a one time donation, is fast and easy. No threats from us. The news will be here. No paywalls or article countdowns. We're counting on an exquisite mix of civic enlightenment and mild shaming. Sort of like public radio. Warren Ave is a Chicago Street as well. Warren Blvd.

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My parents get their news source from word of mouth, or from whatever they can pick up from the Chinese newspaper. No way to research which schools are better Unsure of where to send me and how good the neighboring secondary schools were, my parents made the safe choice. Within the 1st weeks, i witness for the first time, public canning. Sounds very draconian but the schoolmate was dragged on stage and given 3 strokes of the cane. I learned gang cheers that would churn your stomach. I watched my male friend play with a female classmates bra straps in a manner that would set the internet ablaze with hashtags of harassment today. Looking at his sneakers that were obviously against the school rules since you can only wear white canvas shoes, i asked my friend about it and he replied. I watched my friends steal sanitary pads from classmates bags, opened it and stuck it to their forehead while laughing and pretending they are vampires. No digital cameras back then, the guys openly ran into the female toilet while the girls were changing after PE lessons. Curses would fly around, middle fingers would be flashed but in the end, nothing happened. No consequences for the guys that entered the female toilet.

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