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This software will be installed free of charge and will be updated via our school network when logged on as a student. While at school student devices will access the school network via a wireless connection, requiring a security certificate to be installed by the school. Home network and Internet access is the responsibility of the student and their family. There are several options for families you can purchase your own device making sure it meets the specifications listed below, or use the Learning with Technologies portal link below or you can purchase a 2nd hand device from school. Some cheaper devices have a Hard Drive of less than 70GB and are intended for use with Cloud based storage so are unsuitable as they unable to have school software installedWe hope to continue to be able to assist families with 2nd hand laptops as an affordable option for the BYOD program as we are able to provide them at a very reasonable price. Whilst we cant guarantee the supply or the exact price at this stage in the past they have varied from $50 to $140 we will take orders on a waiting list. Contact the College if you are interested. In order to best access student software and Internet resources in 2021 students are asked to provide their own laptop device for use in classes and at home. Newcomb Secondary College students will have access to a free of charge software suite of over 50 educational titles including MS Office 2016, Virus Protection and a variety of other subject related apps and software. This software will be installed free of charge and will be updated via our school network when logged on as a student. While at school student devices will access the school network via a wireless connection, requiring a security certificate to be installed by the school.

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Being a leader is not an easy task. A leader has to shoulder many responsibilities; albeit, he has been conferred to do so. Defining leadership or how to be a good leader in one line can be tough ask because he has to be multidimensional and possess many abilities. Throughout history, many famous and prominent people such as King Alexander, Mauryan King Ashoka, Julius Caesar, Franklin Roosevelt, etc. , have taught us leadership lessons. Many researchers have studied leadership and formulated theorems and models on good and efficient leadership styles.

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In addition, benches are in demand when they are protected from the sun and rain. The easiest way is to build a circular seat around an existing tree. This technique not only protects people from weather, but also helps the tree whose roots are not trampled by passers by. These types of resting places can be found under tree canopies in Berlin, Munich, Strasbourg and many other cities. A design code successfully solves a variety of issues by using simple and unobtrusive tools. For example, if the level of the roadway near a tram stop is raised just a little, as is done in Vienna, there will be fewer victims of accidents. Dedicated lanes and a convenient network of bicycle paths is the key to reducing the number of cars. It is enough, as in Hamburg, to attach bags for dog excrement to tree trunks, and the streets will be much cleaner. And if special boxes for old clothes are put along the road, people will be happy to leave things in them for the homeless. One of the most important accessories in the streets of any city is the waste bin, without which it would be impossible to talk about comfort. In Germany, for example, most of the dumpsters in courtyards are separated for different types of waste.

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Again, look closely at how thin this neck is could be another 4 string or course instrument. Below; vihuela de arco bowed guitar, stone carving on Spanish Cathedral, c1510. A bow in his right hand. is indicated. The overall size, proportions, depth, and configuration of this instrument is the thing to note and compare to similar plucked viola vihuela guitars. Another super thin necked, very small bodied, waist cut plucked viola. Below; split window detail portion of a large fresco, Saint Vincent enthroned with angel musicians and music making puti infants left and right both playing small waist cut vihuela violas, Catalan Spain, San Vincente, late 15th century. Below; left side puto with small waist cut vihuela viola, Catalan, San Vincente, late 15th or early 16th century. Below: Six string bowed Viola da gamba, Painting, Timoteo Viti, Italy, 1469 1525 born/died, Madonna and child, detail. Compare the features of this instrument with those of the previous few pictures. We can ball park this one to around c.

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There is a tendency for people to feel a sense of lackto feel anyone who feels good about life had an easy road with no bumps and bruises. Heres the typical whine: Its easy for people like TIM to have life go his way all the time because insert whiny story here. Like everyone with a pulse, Tim is on a heros journey. there are certain steps every hero in the making takes, only 1 of which is the glorious good times part!The next steps along the heros journey are the Road of Trials. Definitely, Tim went through a Road of Trials, as does any hero in the making. Nobody handed him the perfect life, free of pain and suffering. Remember reading that he could be minus two limbs today?He could have given an arm and a leg literally by listening to what the doctors said. Tim could have let the doctors cut off his leg as a child. Doctors said he would never walk because of the disease. They said the treatments he would endure would be torture. But then, of course, he wouldnt walk perfectly well with both legs attached today.

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