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Lastly, remember to adhere to the recommendations of having 2 screened leaders in each vehicle. 5e Q: When transporting students via van or bus, there may be instances where the first student on and that last student off the van/bus would be in the vehicle alone with the driver. What kind of recommendations for protection would you have on this?A: Our recommendation would be that either the school should provide a second screened adult on the bus as a monitor or the school or bus company should strive to arrange their schedule as much as possible for a bus pick up area where a group of students would be picked up not an isolated student. If group pick up is not a possibility, parents should sign an Informed Letter of Consent, not only that their child is riding the bus but communicating that their child would be alone with only one adult on the bus. The bus driver should be fully screened and trained on child protection. Both the child and the bus driver are being placed in a position of high risk as there could be harm done to the child or allegations that the bus driver would not be able to defend.

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from Johns Hopkins University. Principally a scholar of Revolutionary and early republican America, he is particularly interested in the periods political culture, constitutionalism, and intellectual history. More generally, he is interested in the method and practice of the history of ideas, especially how it might profit from mutually beneficial exchanges with other disciplines in the human sciences, particularly recent philosophy of language. His recently published book, The Second Creation: Fixing the American Constitution in the Founding Era Harvard University Press, rethinks the conventional story of American constitutional creation by exploring how and why founding era Americans understanding of their Constitution transformed in the earliest years of the documents existence. More specifically, it investigates how early political debates over the Constitutions meaning, in transforming the practices through which one could justifiably interpret the document, helped in the process alter how Americans imagined the Constitution and its possibilities. In the process, it considers how these changes created a distinct kind of constitutional culture, the consequences of which endure to this day. He has also written on a range of related topics pertaining to early American constitutionalism and interpretation, early national political culture, originalism and modern constitutional theory, and the study of the history of ideas. He has published articles in Constitutional Commentary, the Journal of the Early Republic, the Fordham Law Review, and an edited volume on neo nullification and secession in American constitutional culture. Building off of already published work, he also has a large article project in the works on the relationship between historical practice and constitutional originalism. For a preview, see the two essays linked below that appeared on Process: A Blog for American History, published by the Organization of American Historians. Additionally, he is soon to complete a related article about originalism's misunderstandings about the original United States Constitution and another article on how the Constitution written in 1787 was quickly and quietly obscured during the subsequent decade of constitutional combat.

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classrooms is inconclusive, but promising. Multiple recent studies suggest that the devices boost attendance rates and classroom participation. Ever since Dorchester School District 2 in Summerville, S. C. , installed 1,200 interactive boards in its classrooms, disciplinary incidents are way down. "Students were bored" before the touchscreens arrived, says Superintendent Joe Pye. "Trips to the principal's office are almost nonexistent now. "But for some teachers, the learning curve with the device is steep, and a generation gap has opened with teachers who are still accustomed to writing lesson plans with a pen and paper. Many older educators are "petrified" of the boards, says Peter Kornicker, a media specialist at P. S. 161 in Harlem, where despite a student poverty rate of 98 percent, all 35 classrooms are equipped with touchscreens.

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