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It all started with a Greyhound Bus Company public relations gimmick to promote its safety image. There was an apparent reduction in bus accidents and the conclusion was made that the daytime headlight use must be the reason. There was a burst of publicity and daytime headlight use was christened as a great highway safety strategy. Subsequent studies, slightly more thorough, determined that daytime headlight use on busses had no effect on accident frequency. Those studies have never received nearly as much attention. Think about this; if you cant see a bus during the daytime, because it doesnt have its headlights on, there is a greater problem at play here than visibility. Next, there were mandates of daytime headlight use in a few tundra laden Scandinavian countries. Subsequent government sponsored studies proved the government was inspired in its mandating of daytime headlight use. Again, subsequent review of these favorable DRL studies indicated the high probability that factors, other than daytime headlight use, were responsible for any reduction in accident frequency. The same scenario was subsequently repeated in Canada the government mandates vehicles be equipped with automatic daytime running lights DRLs and low and behold government studies find that DRLs may be responsible for saving the human race from roadway annihilation. Auto manufacturers, never loath to exploit a fad, climbed on the DRL bandwagon and hyped the safety benefits of irritating other drivers by shining headlights in their eyes, during daylight hours.

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The Board of Directors consists of prominent names and titles in the corporate world, including the Chairman and CEO of Giza Systems, Shehab El Nawawi; Public Affairs and Communications Senior Manager at Coca Cola, Ghada Makady; and CEO of Orange Egypt, Yasser Shaker. As for the competition, every year, all native teams compete against each other in their respective countries. The victorious team joins a select group of 3,000 students, according to the Enactus World Cup site, who meet at Enactus World Cup to showcase the entrepreneurial action and shared innovation that transforms lives and creates a better future. This years world cup will take place in San Jose, California, on the 16th 18th of September. Who should we be on the lookout for in this years Egyptian participants?Well, after a cursory analysis of the winners over the past few years, Enactus Cairo 2015 and 2017, Enactus BUE 2016, and the most recent winner of 2018, Enactus October 6 University O6U seem like the ones to beat. Be sure to watch this contagiously stimulating flashback video from last years national competition: In conclusion, if youre a college student and feel interested and passionate in being part of a memorable and life changing experience, check for an Enactus branch in your university and join.

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For a first book this is unbelievably terrific!So much detail, so much history and so much research. I keep one bookmark where I am reading and one where the current sources are listed. This is a marvelous book and exciting to find out so much more about my 8th Great Grandparent. Anxious to keep on reading!Fabulous work JacquelineJackie, Thank you so much for writing this book!Would that your husband were a direct descendant of all my ancestors!I very much appreciate all the historical research as well as your careful picking through the records to find the real Barnabas Horton or our direct one, anyway. Didnt even know about my connection to Wigston Magna. Will now make it a point to drive through on the way to Mowsley.

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2. Negligent Hiring: Negligent hiring refers to a situation where the employer hires the employee, while ignoring the evidence in some of his or her work records that pointed to the fact that the accident could occur. This is one of the cornerstones of negligence in employment, because at this point everything depends on the actions of the employer and his professional skills in hiring employees. All the other scenarios can include some factors that appear later during the working process, but hiring is the moment when only the employer is guilty for the possible future incidents. Negligent hiring could be an underlying factor in a scenario that could be prevented by the buyer alone. Additional investigation may uncover some facts about a potential employee. So it is best for the buyers to conduct interviews, verify work and educational histories, check references and conduct a background check on any potential employee. In some cases the check can be considered insufficient; still, it is best to do to it, especially if the employee looks like he may be hiding something from his previous work experience. Negligent Retention: This type of negligence occurs when the people in charge failed to remove an employee from a position of authority or responsibility after it became clear that the employee wasn't capable of handling the responsibility. The consequences of this type of negligence are probably the most serious; a non professional person with authority can cause huge losses for a company. If a person is sued for negligent retention, very often he or she pleads negligent supervision or training.

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Heavy duty truck Heavy duty tires are also referred to as Truck/Bus tires. These are the tire sizes used on vehicles such as commercial freight trucks, dump trucks, and passenger buses. Truck tires are sub categorized into specialties according to vehicle position such as steering, drive axle, and trailer. Each type is designed with the reinforcements, material compounds, and tread patterns that best optimize the tire performance. Off the road OTR OTR tires being transported The OTR tire classification includes tires for construction vehicles such as wheel loaders, backhoes, graders, trenchers, and the like; as well as large mining trucks. OTR tires can be of either bias or radial construction although the industry is trending toward increasing use of radial. Bias OTR tires are built with a large number of reinforcing plies to withstand severe service conditions and high loads. Dramatically increasing commodity prices has led to shortages of new tires. As a consequence, multi million dollar trucks can be idled for lack of tires, costing mines millions of dollars in lost productivity. This has led to a stronger effort to recycle old OTR tires. As of 2008, a new OTR tire can cost up to $50,000; retread tires are sold at half the price of new tires, and last 80% as long.

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