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With Morris Halle's and possibly Jakobson's mediation, Chomsky showed van Schooneveld his notes for his introductory linguistics course for undergraduate students. Van Schooneveld took an interest in them. He offered to publish an elaborate version of them at Mouton, to which Chomsky agreed. Chomsky then prepared a manuscript of the right size no longer than 120 pages that would fit the series. After revising an earlier manuscript, Chomsky sent a final version in the first week of August in 1956 to van Schooneveld. The editor had Chomsky rename the book's title to Syntactic Structures for commercial purposes. The book was also pre ordered in big numbers by MIT. These gave more incentives to Mouton to publish the book. Mouton finally published Chomsky's monograph titled Syntactic Structures in the second week of February 1957. Soon after the book's first publication, Bernard Bloch, editor of the prestigious journal Language, gave linguist Robert Benjamin Lees, a colleague of Chomsky's at MIT, the opportunity to write a review of the book. Lees's very positive essay length review appeared in the JulySeptember 1957 issue of Language.

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The teacher announces a decision and the class is unified in its opposition. Few are willing to agree with the teacher if that calls into question their allegiance to the group. Cohort groups can make teachers feel very lonely. If the teacher implements an instructional strategy not used by others teaching in the program, say she has students working in groups, does not share copies of her PowerPoint slides, or includes short answer questions on multiple choice tests, the cohort group resists. And they share that displeasure openly. To prevent whole group objections or to respond to them, teachers need to explain, without being defensive, the educational rationale that justifies use of the strategy. The objective is to select those instructional approaches that most effectively promote learning; whether students like them is a secondary issue. So how do teachers forge relationships in courses taken by cohort groups?Id say they do it by listening to the group and by not seeing every objection as a challenge to their authority. It also helps to be flexible and willing to make adjustments which is not the same as caving in to demands. If students would rather get the teachers notes than take notes themselves, is some sort of compromise possible?Could they post a set of class notes on the course website that the teacher responds to with questions, clarifications, and elaborations?Constructive relationships are forged when teachers are authentic and genuine, comfortable with who they are and how they teach. Teachers need to find that professional space in which theyre less concerned about being liked by the group and more concerned with providing quality learning experiences.

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Undergraduate, high school, graduate students, and Internet users of all ages have found Questia to be an invaluable online resource. Anyone doing research or just interested in topics that touch on the humanities and social sciences will find titles of interest in Questia. To complement the library, Questia offers a range of search, note taking, and writing tools. These tools help students locate the most relevant information on their topics quickly, quote and cite correctly, and create properly formatted footnotes and bibliographies automatically. Questia provides a comprehensive research environment to meet students' academic needs. This will be added to Academic Resources 2004 05 Internet MiniGuide.

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