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" The Winton Motor carriage, which could run at a cost of 1/2 cent per mile, was said to be "handsomely, strongly, and yet lightly constructed and elegantly finished". Winton was not in the business of making made to order vehicles but Mr. Cole was invited to choose from any of the four completed cars then on hand. The car he chose has now made its way into the Smithsonian's automobile collection. The twelfth such car went to James Ward Packardbut that one cost Winton money in the long run. During the 60 mile trip to his Warren, Ohio home, Packard's new Winton stopped running.

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Porsche wanted to enter the car in the 1939 Berlin Romerace. The bodywork company Reutter built three cars inshaped aluminium. Out of the three, one was crashed in theearly World War II by a Kraft durch Freude Volkswagenbureaucrat. The two remaining were used by the Porschefamily. Later on, they put one of them in the storage and usedonly one. In May 1945 American troops discovered the oneput in storage, cut the roof off and used it for joyriding for a fewweeks until the engine gave up and it was scrapped.

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4 102 on:There at the end you may find in English the Table of Contents and 75 references including: 1 memoirs of: a Miklos Horthy with 600 footnotes of professor Andrew Simon; b Horthys daughter in law Ilona, Countess of Edelsheim Gyulai Mrs. Ilona Bowden; c Nikolas Kallay, Hungarian Premier Minister in 1942 1944; d prewar ambassador of the USA to Hungary John F. Montgomery; e the Chairman of the Jewish Council of Budapest Samuel Stern; f a survivor Steven A. Colman; other recollections; 2 Records of interrogations and of trial of Adolph Eichmann; 3 A magisterial biography by Thomas Sakmyster Hungarys Admiral on Horseback Miklos Horthy, 1918 1944; 4 Books and articles of major historians in the field: Randolph L. Braham, Istvan Deak, Mario D. Fenyo, Kinga Frojimovics, Raul Hilberg, Lvai Jen, Laszlo Karsai, Istvan Lazar, Raphael Patai, T. Zane Reeves, Krisztian Ungvary and others. Unfortunately, if you research further, it was not the sympathy for the Jews that urged Horthy to act so courageously, it was the fact that he knew that the Germans were losing the war, he was pressured by other world leaders and specifically told that if nothing was done to stop the deportations, he would also be tried as a war criminal and executed by his own country. That is why Horthy died in exile not at home. He only became this heroic person when his own life was at stake. Some may still be thankful to him for making a move instead of sticking a gun in his mouth and this way he was somewhat able to save face.

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Consequently, it would relate travelling to a, maybe only temporary, dissatisfaction with life. This dissatisfaction could have many properties, for example insufficient standard of living or scant social interaction. But in the end it is dissatisfaction with daily life, relating it to the getting away from daily life theme already pointed out. Interview 1 was concluded talking about the idea of a perfect time, a distinctively positive event, which could be another reason people are travelling in their leisure time. Thus a reason for travelling would be to experience something positively distinctive. But for an event to be positively distinctive, it needs to differ in one way or another from the usual. The usual being the daily routine, the author again drew the connection to the getting away theme. So the perfect holiday would be mainly characterised by being away, gaining distraction, from the usual environment, including everyday plights. However, the following interviews had to confirm and enhance this emerging theory. Interview 2 also started with the topic of past travel experiences of the participant. She told the author of regular family holidays and the gradual development of standards and destinations, directing towards an increasing travel experience.

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Expect young adults to be increasingly dependent on wealth transfers from their parents to clear university debt and secure housing, while those without such support face increasing disadvantages. Only major changes in policy can prevent further inequality for this generation. Politicians are prioritising the needs of the growing older population who are living longer. But the young are paying the price in lost opportunities and look vulnerable to further economic and social change. As part of the legislative package implementing the recommendations of the Independent Commission on Banking in the UK, the Financial Policy Committee FPC is required to produce a framework for a systemic risk buffer SRB for ring fenced banks and large building societies. The SRB is one of the elements of the overall capital framework for UK banks and building societies as set out by the FPC in its publication The framework of capital requirements for UK banks, which was published alongside the December 2015 Financial Stability Report. The SRB will be applied to individual institutions by the Prudential Regulation Authority PRA and will be introduced, like the ring fencing rules, from 2019. Deputy Governor, Financial Stability, Jon Cunliffe said:These new rules will mean that large UK banks and building societies are more resilient to adverse shocks, enabling them to continue to lend to households and businesses even in times of stress. The financial crisis demonstrated the long lasting damage that can be caused when large banks become distressed and have to cut back lending to the economy. These proposals are intended to reduce the risk of this happening again. It is proposed that those banks and building societies with total assets above 175bn will be set progressively higher SRB rates as total assets increase through defined buckets see table below.

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