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All teaching activities, conferences, rounds, and lectures are open to students, related faculty, and residents with no intent to exclude appropriate participants. Medical students are NOT eligible to act as a scribe while acting educationally as a student. A scribe is defined as an individual who is present during the attending clinicians performance of a clinical service and documents on behalf of the clinician everything performed and said during the course of the service. EXCEPTION: A medical student may act as a scribe if their sole purpose is to record the service being rendered by the clinician and they are doing so while employed by or under contract with SIU SOM or SIU HC. For example, a first year medical student during summer break might act as a scribe during a summer employment. The educational mission of Southern Illinois University School of Medicine requires a fair and open learning and working environment.

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Many Wiccans also seek to cultivate a set of eight virtues mentioned in Doreen Valientes Charge of the Goddess, these being mirth, reverence, honour, humility, strength, beauty, power, and compassion. In Valientes poem, they are ordered in pairs of complementary opposites, reflecting a dualism that is common throughout Wiccan philosophy. Some lineaged Wiccans also observe a set of Wiccan Laws, commonly called the Craft Laws or Ardanes, 30 of which exist in the Gardnerian tradition and 161 of which are in the Alexandrian tradition. Valiente, one of Gardners original High Priestesses, argued that the first thirty of these rules were most likely invented by Gerald Gardner himself in mock archaic language as the by product of inner conflict within his Bricket Wood coven the others were later additions made by Alex Sanders during the 1960s. In British Traditional Wicca, complementarity is a basic and fundamental working principle, with men and women being seen as a necessary presence to balance each other out. This may have derived from Gardners interpretation of Murrays claim that the ancient witch cult was a fertility religion. Thus, many practitioners of British Traditional Wicca have argued that men and women are not capable of correctly working magic without mixed pairings. Although Gerald Gardner initially demonstrated an aversion to homosexuality, claiming that it brought down the curse of the goddess, it is now generally accepted in all traditions of Wicca, with groups such as the Minoan Brotherhood openly basing their philosophy upon it, and various important figures in the Craft, such as Alex Sanders and Eddie Buczynski, being openly homosexual or bisexual. The scholar of religion Joanne Pearson noted that in her experience, most Wiccans take a realistic view of living in the real world replete with its many problems and do not claim that the gods have all the answers to these. She suggested that Wiccans do not claim to seek perfection but instead wholeness or completeness, which includes an acceptance of traits like anger, weakness, and pain. She contrasted the Wiccan acceptance of an interplay between light and dark against the New Age focus on white light.

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An amount of US$ 5,000 for ICC administrative expenses is non refundable in all cases. 1The President shall have the power to decide, at the Presidents discretion, all matters relating to the administration of the emergency arbitrator proceedings not expressly provided for in this Appendix. 2In the Presidents absence or otherwise at the Presidents request, any of the Vice Presidents of the Court shall have the power to take decisions on behalf of the President. 3In all matters concerning emergency arbitrator proceedings not expressly provided for in this Appendix, the Court, the President and the emergency arbitrator shall act in the spirit of the Rules and this Appendix. 1Insofar as Article 30 of the Rules of Arbitration of the ICC the Rules and this Appendix VI do not provide otherwise, the Rules shall apply to an arbitration under the Expedited Procedure Rules. 3Upon receipt of the Answer to the Request pursuant to Article 5 of the Rules, or upon expiry of the time limit for the Answer or at any relevant time thereafter and subject to Article 303 of the Rules, the Secretariat will inform the parties that the Expedited Procedure Provisions shall apply in the case. 4The Court may, at any time during the arbitral proceedings, on its own motion or upon the request of a party, and after consultation with the arbitral tribunal and the parties, decide that the Expedited Procedure Provisions shall no longer apply to the case. In such case, unless the Court considers that it is appropriate to replace and/or reconstitute the arbitral tribunal, the arbitral tribunal shall remain in place. 2The parties may nominate the sole arbitrator within a time limit to be fixed by the Secretariat. In the absence of such nomination, the sole arbitrator shall be appointed by the Court within as short a time as possible. 2After the arbitral tribunal has been constituted, no party shall make new claims, unless it has been authorized to do so by the arbitral tribunal, which shall consider the nature of such new claims, the stage of the arbitration, any cost implications and any other relevant circumstances.

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And in most cases, it comes down to one critical factor: the growing number of women joining the work force. This represents one of the biggest social changes of modern times. For example, in the UK, the employment rate for women is the highest since records began, at 68. 8% in part due to the ongoing equalisation of men and womens retirement ages. Of course, there are still huge discrepancies between the economic rights and opportunities available for women across the globe. But ultimately, nations where women do not work lose out. Research shows that womens skills in the labour force add much value to a national economy. Granted, this is partly related to the low pay and promotion inequality facing women, and more progress is needed to address these issues. Expect to see womens employment continuing to rise, and to be associated with economic growth and wider social benefits, despite global economic challenges. In 2016, countries and organisations that give positive employment opportunities to women will have greater chances of doing better, even in tough times. While womens employment may inspire hope in todays challenging economic environment, credit and debt trends offer less reassurance.

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A: While clean is a relative term, along with our advisory council, we would consider a clean drivers history someone who has been licensed for 5 years or more, and has less than 2 minor infractions. A minor infraction would include backing up unsafe, illegal, improper, brakes none, inadequate, improper, and other offenses speeding with less than 2 points deducted, failure to stop at a stop sign, driving imprudently. If they had less than 2 of these, you could consider it a clean driver's history. A major infraction would include distracted driving, G1 driver driving unaccompanied, fail to obey school crossing stop sign, failure to report an accident, improper passing of a school bus, improper passing/speeding in a school or playground zone, careless driving. I think if they have a major infraction you'd want to be weary of using them as a driver, especially if i was recent. We recommend you contact your insurance company. A Serious or Criminal infraction would include DUI, speeding 50kms above posted limit, driving uninsured, refusing a breathalyzer, failure to remain at an accident, racing. If they have a serious or criminal conviction we would not recommend they drive on behalf of your organization. What you are really looking for is a pattern of unsafe driving behaviour. Typically 1 2 minor infractions in a 3 5 year period is fine. But again, I would really encourage you to check with your insurance company.

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