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The researchers found that those who received the mindfulness training displayed reductions in psychological stress, improvements in classroom organization and increases in self compassion. In comparison, the group that did not receive the training showed signs of increased stress and burnout over the course of the school year. These results provide objective evidence that MBSR techniques are beneficial to teachers. "The most important outcome that we observed is the consistent pattern of results, across a range of self report and objective measures used in this pilot study, that indicate benefits from practicing mindfulness," says Flook, who also leads CIHM's "Kindness Curriculum" study involving 4 year old preschoolers. Madison teacher Elizabeth Miller discovered that mindfulness is a meditative technique that does not require "just sitting still and trying to observe your thoughts," which she said was difficult for her. The course showed her that mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, at any time.

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?Millions of consumers are affected by debt collection, and we want to make sure they are treated fairly,?CFPB director Richard Cordray said in a statement. I wouldn?t be surprised to see some civil penalties levied and new rules proposed to prevent abusive collection tactics. New and changing digital threatsCybercriminals are sure to step up their game again in 2013. In a new report, Sophos the giant digital security company, predicts businesses will be hit with more malware attacks that give the intruders ?long term, high impact access?to those companies. Digital extortion should increase with more ransomware malware attacks. ?See ConsumerMan: Latest ?ransomware?attacks are scarily sophisticated.

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Entry: machine gun. Collins English Dictionary 12th edition. HarperCollins Publishers, 2014. Definition 1a: a rapid firing automatic gun, usually mounted, from which small arms ammunition is discharged. Article: M2A1 Machine Gun Features Greater Safety, Heightened Lethality. By Kevin Doell. U. S. Army, December 3, 2012. The original M2 Ma Deuce . 50 Caliber Machine Gun is a belt fed, heavy machine gun that mounts on most aircraft and vehicles and can be fired from a tripod.

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Terry and her fine crew should be congratulated for the beautiful visual quality, superb editing and exquisite graphics that make the program a "must see" for anyone with even a passing interest in the Shroud of Turin. I also wish to apologize to Terry and to you, the viewers, for missing the mark and not getting a notice about the program on this website before it aired. The omission was unintentional and due to circumstances beyond my control. However, there is good news with the bad. For those of you who may have missed the program, or for those of you who wish to see it again, you can now obtain a copy for yourself on home video by calling the CBS order line directly at 1 888 227 7999. The tape sells for $19. 98 plus $4. 95 shipping and handling and runs approximately 48 minutes without commercials. Frankly, this is the first video I have ever made available via this website, although I have received requests to offer others in the past. However, I feel the quality and unbiased nature of this program dictates that it be mentioned and made available here. The program is also listed on the "Obtain Shroud Materials" page of this website.

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