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Coldwell noted that HSB traffic slowed to around 30 vehicles per day. He also said the city had to postpone hiring several part time employees. The city is doing what they can for the newly unemployed workers. Rachell French, the human resource/risk manager for the City of Page, told the Chronicle she gave all those affected her personal cell number. She is available to help them with issues like unemployment benefits, Cobra plans for health insurance and continuing life insurance policies. Employees will receive pay for any accumulated vacation time and comp time and sick leave are banked for when they return to work.

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E. : International Reading AssociationMoss, B. and Young, T. A. 2010. Creating lifelong readers through independent reading.

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Such expressions are appreciated and encouraged by the teacher. Wide variety of learning activities. There is a wide range of activities which is included in this process. These activities might focus on grammar pronunciation, new sentences or recorded portions. In this method students are induced to speak about the language and process of learning. Their talk is recorded on tapes or any other media and afterward it is used as a text for listening. It is the duty of the teacher to transcribe the recorded text with translation in the mother language for using it as activity. After very activity teacher pauses his lesson and discuss the experiences of the learners as divulged by them. He encourages them to speak about the learning process. Students listen their recorded texts in their own voices and ponder over them for correction and understanding of the language. Students are encouraged to correct themselves as far as language is concerned teacher states something in target language and students are made to correct by themselves.

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