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The mean VABP ACM rate was 18%, whereas the mean v HABP ACM rate was 28%. The higher ACM rates for v HABP and VABP suggest the possibility of enrolling these patients in the same study, while studying nv HABP separately. A study of all 3 disease groups should define a priori the optimal/allowable proportion of patients in each group. Study sample size should be based on the proportion of patients and associated mortality in each group. Other options are to not combine these groups, or to statistically power each group so that there is sensitivity to treatment effect within each. Justification for including nv HABP and v HABP in a single study may depend on effect modifiers, for example the effect of antibiotics on the endpoint.

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McFarlin of University of Dayton conducted a study, Wage Comparisons with Similar and Dissimilar Others 2005, in order to determine if social comparisons can predict an employees satisfaction with their wage. Sweeney and McFarlin hypothesized based on the Equity Theory that as employees compared their wages to similar others; their wage satisfaction would vary based on that social comparison. Sweeney and McFarlin, 2005 Four individual survey based studies were conducted to test the hypothesis that wage satisfaction would more likely be affected by comparison to similar others in order to determine if their wage was fair. In the first two studies, subjects were asked to compare satisfaction with others in a similar occupation within and outside of their current organization. In the third and fourth studies wage satisfaction was compared with employees who had similar and dissimilar occupations. Two hundred and thirty five engineers at a Midwest utility company were mailed surveys to collect salary, age, marital status, tenure, and job grade. The survey also collected data from scale rated questions pertaining to satisfaction of their pay and their perception of how others are paid with similar jobs outside the organization. The researchers found that wage is a strong predictor of wage satisfaction but comparisons to similar as well as dissimilar others also was an important and equal predictor Sweeney and McFarlin, 2005. During this study researchers attempted to replicate their findings from study 1 by using a large sample of US federal government workers from the Office of Personnel Management. The data was collected from a random stratified sample of workers where demographic information and scaled rated questionnaire responses were submitted by participants Sweeney and McFarlin, 2005. Upon statistical analysis of the data, the researchers once again found that wage itself was the most reliable predictor of wage satisfaction but both internal and external comparisons were also highly important predictors of the variation in wage satisfaction Sweeney and McFarlin, 2005.

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